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Welcome to the 写作中心 at OPE电子竞技官网

写作中心, 工作人员ed by experienced English teachers and writing consultants, provides professional assistance and outreach programs to help students and faculty with written communication across the disciplines and beyond. 简单的说, the 写作中心 is a place into which writers invite other writers to dialogue about writing.


所有OPE电子竞技官网学生, 工作人员, and faculty are invited to share with us their written academic and professional work. We assist writers at any stage of the writing process, and we address all writing-related concerns. We engage in dialogue that aims to teach writers how to revise and edit their work. Aside from individual consultations, we provide in-house workshops, computer resources and handouts. We are committed to helping writers realize the power of the written word.

为教师, we offer several outreach programs such as writing center orientation sessions and tours for their classes. We also invite instructors to consult with us on designing and presenting writing assignments. 另外, we will engage in ongoing dialogue with instructors whose students visit the writing center. These collaborative exchanges will create productive connections between interdisciplinary colleagues as we together seek to enhance student learning.

总共, the OPE电子竞技官网 写作中心 is a rich resource not only for students and faculty but also for the college and community as we work together to realize the power of the written word.

For more information about the 写作中心 visit the following pages: